Key points for every Sochi 2014 sponsor to consider

Sports Marketing + Sponsorship

As one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the world, there is a big demand in the sports business for sponsorship experts to serve the diverse needs of companies in what is now a mature, sophisticated and competitive marketplace.
Sports Marketing + Sponsorship
Whether on a local or global assignment, our specialist teams in sports marketing and sponsorship are setting the standards. Our clients are blue-chip companies, for which we have repeatedly delivered innovative work and results through breakthrough insight.

Our sports marketing and sponsorship team offers:
  • Sponsorship Consultancy – to determine the best partnerships or associations to increase consumer engagement, loyalty and ultimately sales
  • Sponsorship Activation – to help brands maximize the return on their investment with business focused, distinctive ideas
  • International Bid Unit – to help countries successfully advocate for the right to host major sports events, thereby increasing their national wealth
  • Sport Federation Counsel – to help governing bodies and event organizers improve communications, to enhance reputation and attract more commercial revenue

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