Research + Data Insights

Wisdom is honed by insight as well as experience. Whether an organization is setting the benchmark for its reputation, testing the most credible campaign theme or identifying its most compelling arguments in a crucial and controversial issue, research provides the basis for communication that drives real results.
Research + Data Insights
PBN Hill+Knowlton Strategies designs, conducts and oversees sophisticated opinion research programs, including focus groups, polling, executive interviews, perception studies, online surveys, competitive market analysis, secondary research and special investigations. This research becomes the foundation upon which communications programs are based and, equally important, judged for their effectiveness and value over time. Our specialization is reaching the hard-to-reach in government, the media and the financial community, as well as CEOs and top business decision makers.

PBN Hill+Knowlton Strategies also works to develop and implement studies and surveys on topics of interest to our clients. We have designed and executed surveys on the views of foreign investors, corporate CEOs, expat communities and consumers. We have also conducted research on a range of topics — from capital markets and intellectual property to sector trend analysis.

PBN Hill+ Knowlton Strategies and our clients also benefit from Research+Data Insights, part of Hill+Knowlton Strategies, that drives our work through data based insights and delivers metrics and counsel in four distinct areas: reputation, communication, issues, and data analytics. R+D Insights is based in H+K Strategies New York and consists of 12 research centers around the world. For more information on R+D Insights, please visit

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