Reputation Management

Reputation has never been more valuable or vulnerable, nor communication so critical to the boardroom. The stakes for companies are higher than ever.
Reputation Management
Economies are shifting, industries changing, powerful new markets and companies emerging and the pace of business growing faster. The world is democratizing in new and surprising ways: a corporate issue can become a political crisis; a single product can redefine a market; an individual can impact share price; and all is happening at light speed.

Our reputation management service focuses on the protection, enhancement and management of a company’s reputation as an enduring asset, and our approach is founded on three principles.

  • First and foremost, that an understanding of those who influence the fortunes of a client’s business, including the public at large, is a prerequisite for maintaining competitive advantage.
  • Second, a holistic approach, channel neutral and multidisciplinary, with an emphasis on the new media reshaping our world, is at the root of the new communication model.
  • Third, pragmatism. We believe in strategy that is rooted in practicality and execution that derives from strategy.

Our goal is to offer wisdom and services that make the difference when responding to this new world. The kind of difference that gives us the right to sit alongside our client’s other professional advisors. We call this the Fifth Seat – the voice for communication in the boardroom.

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