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Digital Communications

At PBN Hill+Knowlton Strategies, we subscribe to the wise adage: “If you’re not measuring, you’re not marketing.” Any client conversation about digital communications starts with the need for clear objectives, KPIs, defined metrics and rigorous analytics. Every website, social media, SEO, online advertising and CRM strategy we devise and execute must deliver a measurable return on our client’s investment – whether we are marketing brands, goods and services, corporate reputations, public policies or social behaviors.
Digital Communications
Regional Insight

Explosive mobile and Internet penetration in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan means local channels and engines often outperform Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google for reach, loyalty, search and advertising. For example, Yandex controls more than 60% of Russia’s search market while VKontakte, Odnoklassniki and LiveJournal are the top social platforms.  Global networks can’t be ignored, but their utility is very different here from the US or Europe.  PBN H+K Strategies continuously tracks, analyzes and uses the most important online trends in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.  We make sure our clients have the decision-making insights and data they need to navigate our complex, multilingual and highly segmented digital space.

Global Reach and Amazing Talent

PBN H+K clients benefit from our strategic partners, H+K Digital and WPP Digital.  Both companies are richly resourced with best-in-class digital and social media strategists, engineers, creatives, content managers, advertising experts and measurement specialists.  WPP’s global platform partnerships and advertising influence are unmatched.  Combined with our regional insights, local production, research and multi-lingual content capacity, PBN H+K Strategies delivers a uniquely strong digital offer for international and regional clients alike.

What we do
  • Integrated Digital Strategy and Solutions
  • Blogger Engagement
  • Digital Planning, Social Media Community Management
  • Interactive Production, Web Builds and Mobile Development
  • Written and visual content creation, design and production
  • Online Media Audit and Social Conversation Listening
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Traffic and Convergence Management
  • Measurement and Analytics
  • Digital Crisis Management
  • Hands-On Digital Training

H+K Digital also provides value-added proprietary solutions, which help clients to facilitate some of their most essential digital tasks:

H+K Pathfinder® A custom process for auditing and evaluating online presence, establishing internal procedures and creating action plans to achieve your business objectives.

H+K Reputation Guardian® A suite of metrics, analysis, content evaluation and dashboards to monitor and manage any client’s digital footprint — in real time.

H+K Digital Activation® It’s all about getting people to act on your behalf. Whether you want product trial and purchase, advocacy for your issue or groups and individuals to give you the benefit of the doubt during a crisis, you need to build an online base of support.

H+K Flight School® A comprehensive news and social media simulation for crisis preparation, planning and management, as well as custom scenario simulations and interactive drills.

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