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Crisis Management

Chief executives and reputation managers understand the fragility of brand and reputation. Not only can a crisis or serious issue impact the near-term bottom line, it can cause lasting harm to a company’s reputation; harm that is costly if not impossible to repair.
Crisis Management
PBN Hill+Knowlton Strategies works with our clients to identify risks to reputations and operations, including those relating to management issues, financial conditions, operational situations, government intervention, environmental impact, legal actions and geopolitical factors. Once identified, the firm develops appropriate plans, including company policies and procedures to eliminate, reduce and manage these risks.

PBN Hill+Knowlton is on-call 24/7 to help clients respond effectively to incidents that could impact their reputation. The firm has successfully managed international and regional crises for our clients, including those involving high-profile civil and criminal litigation, workplace violence, environmental incidents, product recalls, securities fraud, employment discrimination and labor conflicts, among many others.

We employ a suite of offerings and capabilities across all regions:
  • Crisis Plan Development
  • Training and Simulations
  • Crisis Tools, including risk/vulnerability audits and sophisticated dashboard monitoring
  • Imminent Threat Management
  • Crisis Communications & Response
  • Long-Term Issues Management
  • Litigation & Regulatory Communications
  • Reputation Repair

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