Embassy of Canada: Improving Through Training

The Embassy of Canada in the Russian Federation came to PBN H+K with a request to help them improve the performance of their media monitoring activities. 
Embassy of Canada:  Improving Through Training
Within the Embassy a number of teams carry out their own monitoring, but without a standard approach or fixed system for managing requests. Together with the Embassy, the project team devised a training program in order to introduce the officers responsible for media monitoring to the principles behind the task. The day covered a range of sample exercises and discussions on approaches, expectations and resources available. Having identified that part of the challenge was a perception that monitoring was not important task, a strong accent was placed on the importance of monitoring for the Embassy and the Ministry in Ottawa. As a result of the training session, participants were left with a clear understanding of the principles underpinning their work, and a set of common practices for the execution of monitoring projects. The quality and consistency of reporting has improved and staff have a clearer understanding of the value their work adds to the Embassy’s mission.