8 November 2012

Dan Bartlett to Speak at Techonomy 2012

NEW YORK, 8 November 2012 – Hill+Knowlton Strategies announced today that Dan Bartlett, president and CEO of the firm’s U.S. operations, will be speaking at this year’s Techonomy Conference. Techonomy 2012 will take place from November 11-13 in Tucson, Arizona.
On Monday, November 12, Bartlett will participate in a 180° Shift session from 4:23 – 3:30pm MT. A 180° Shift session is a three-minute drill in which the participant shares something they’ve totally reconsidered; something that has completely reversed their thinking and has shifted their personal paradigm 180 degrees. Alternately, the three minutes will be used to reverse the audience’s mind about some generally accepted paradigm; the participant will have 180 seconds to turn a popularly established belief on its head (or 180 degrees).

Later that evening from 8:30 pm – 9:00 pm MT, Bartlett will take part in a panel titled “What Have We Done?! A Post-Election Discussion.” The panel will discuss what happened in the election and how we ought to look at it as business people and people who care about how technology fits into the greater picture. In addition, the participants will focus on how technology is accelerating partisanship in this age of personalization, and what we, as an industry, can do to help. Speaking with Bartlett on the panel are Zoë Baird, President, Markle Foundation, Steve Case, CEO, Revolution LLC, Steve Forbes, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief, Forbes Media, and Andrew Rasiej, Founder, Personal Democracy Media.

For live streaming video during the conference or more information on Techonomy 2012, visit the Techonomy homepage at www.techonomy.com.  Techonomy's goal is to help leaders and citizens better understand the far-reaching potential of technology-enabled change and to see how it can be harnessed to accelerate progress, productivity and competitiveness.