11 March 2016

Tips for Mastering the Digital Media World

By Irina Rasskazova, Account Manager for Corporate Communications, Moscow

The way users are interfacing with and consuming information from online media is changing at the speed of light. New devices and the growing number of apps is reshaping how we communicate with consumers and forcing us to keep breast of new platforms. What remains consistent in this dynamic digital world is consumer demand for compelling content.
Tips for Mastering the Digital Media World
This year, PBN Hill+Knowlton Strategies Moscow launched an in-house information sharing and training program branded “Accelerate your Skills”. As part of it, every Friday we invite thought leaders to share their experiences about trends and shifts in the media landscape and online media market.
Earlier this month, Vladislav Tsyplukhin, Head of Production at the “Komitet” publishing house, which owns and publishes the online technology magazines TJournal and VC.ru, shared his insights about how media consumption is changing and why text-based content will continue to reign supreme in the fluid digit world.
Here are Vladislav’s five key takeaways:
  1. Sugarcoat your content
Let’s be clear – nobody likes ads. But you can gift-wrap information about your product into an appealing editorial. With almost 50% of users employing ad-blocking software and the other half probably just ignoring colourful banners and advertorials, native advertising has proved itself to be something to which people actually pay attention. And, the reason is simple: content tells a story about a product in a creative, understandable and non-invasive way.
  1. Find new ways to deliver your story
Mobile messengers are set to change how media is consumed. Quartz, for example, is testing a new format of content that looks like a text from a friend. Push-notification news also has the potential to gather a lot of attention from readers.
  1. Digital = Discussion
Text is basically the only way to have a meaningful discussion online. However, to minimize the risk of negative feedback, which is inevitable because you can’t please everyone, you must be ready to engage in a direct discussion with readers on social media.
  1. Find a good writer – and don’t let them go
The digital era is ushering in visual content such as videos, images and infographics. However, as a format, text remains important and that will continue. As media outlets opt for subscription-based access models, competition for content creators will only intensify.
  1. Think about tomorrow, not only today
Companies need to create long-term content strategies. A company’s message can only be effectively delivered through a series of materials that are not strictly promotional, but also represent value for the audience, contribute to greater discussion and promote engagement.