26 February 2013

The Global Mobile Boom: Ushering in a New Era in Strategic Communications

Mobile is big. In fact it’s huge.

Nothing quite brings that message home like the stories and photos coming from the PBN H+K team at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This is one gargantuan business and it’s set to get even bigger.

According to a major report released by GSMA and A.T. Kearney yesterday, the number of mobile subscribers is 3.2 billion, nearly half the world’s population. A further 700 million subscribers are expected to be added by 2017 and the 4 billion subscriber milestone will be reached in 2018. That’s right – 4 billion!
Total traffic volumes in 2012 exceed all previous years combined. Data traffic is projected to grow by 66% each year through 2017 to 11.2 exabytes per month, that’s equivalent to more than 5 billion hours of HD video.
In most emerging markets, growth will be driven in the first place by increased smartphone penetration. In developed markets it will be driven largely by increased download speeds made possible by new technology such as 4G and LTE.
We all know what this means for the strategic communications profession. News is on Twitter as it breaks, if it doesn’t break there to begin with. Any self-respecting organization or brand must have a Facebook and LinkedIn account and increasingly a voice on local social networks, such as Vkontakte or Odnoklassniki.
In Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, the mobile market is still young but growing fast. This growth means big opportunities for our clients. Whether it’s Visa’s NFC payment technology, TripAdvisor’s mobile app or Yota Devices’ dual-screen YotaPhone, the future is definitely mobile.
Read the full Mobile Economy 2013 report here: www.gsmamobileeconomy.com
Or watch the video here: www.gsmamobileeconomy.com/video
By Simon Molyneux, Senior Editor, PBN Hill+Knowlton Strategies, Moscow

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