Originally published in PR Week, 15 April 2015

Postcard from Ukraine

The conflict in the country has squeezed PR budgets but at the same time created opportunities for the industry to evolve.

Postcard from Ukraine
The ongoing armed conflict in eastern Ukraine has led to a dec­line in the economy and a dec­rease in PR budgets due to falling consumption and consumer incomes. Nonetheless there are a number of industry trends that should look familiar to any PR professional.

Growing demand for crisis comms; active use of digital comms; the growing importance of internal comms and the recognition of employees as the face of the brand; increasing involvement of new influencers and third party advocates for comms such as opinion leaders and bloggers; and multichannel storytelling.

Although these trends remain relevant, the context has been changing over the past year. The transformational events in Ukraine, including the ‘Revolution of Dignity’ and the subsequent political and economic crises, brought about radical changes to the domestic and international business environment. Ukrainians defen­ded their choice to move closer to Europe, and are now working to define the rules of the game for a new Ukraine. As new trends take shape, so does Ukraine’s PR industry.

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