25 November 2015

How Is WhatsApp Changing The Way We Communicate?

By Inna Bulycheva, Associate Account Manager, Digital + Technology Practice

Once upon a time, press releases were typed up on a typewriter then mailed, hand-delivered or faxed to journalists. Technology has changed that. Now press releases are being replaced by shorter, punchier news hooks and leads, which are delivered directly to journalists through Facebook or WhatsApp.
How Is WhatsApp Changing The Way We Communicate?
Special online services have sprung up revolutionizing how reporters and PR managers communicate. One example is Pressfeed, a relatively new Russian online platform where correspondents post requests for comment on topics they are writing about and quickly find experts.
Recently we worked with Pressfeed on a blog about how Russian companies use WhatsApp for business. WhatsApp, a client of PBN Hill+Knowlton Strategies, is now the number one messenger in Russia with some 30 million monthly active users.
It turns out that WhatsApp is used for a whole range of business objectives, ranging from, on the one hand, keeping in touch with clients quickly and cheaply to, on the other hand, building a stronger corporate culture.
Some interesting examples of how WhatsApp is used for business by Russian firms include:
A construction company said: “Each department has a group on WhatsApp where they discuss current issues. This helped us save about 5% of our time when addressing urgent issues.”
A business consultancy noted: “We’re based in St Petersburg but communicate with clients from all over Russia and the CIS. Using WhatsApp makes communication quicker and saves money.”
A logistics provider explained: “Our company created a group on WhatsApp for all employees. Usually we post interesting photos from trips and corporate parties. For internal PR, it’s a very effective tool.”
And finally, a local PR agency candidly admitted: “WhatsApp is a very efficient tool for getting in touch with celebrities. We don’t distract them from work with calls, we see whether the message has been read and they can reply when they have time."
To read more about how Russian businesses are using WhatsApp, check out the full article here [in Russian]: https://blog.pressfeed.ru/whatsapp/.