Originally published in the BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands 2017, 6 June 2017
Russian millennials are essentially the country’s first proper “consumers.” Back in the USSR, there were no brands. But when the Soviet Union collapsed, Russia was suddenly exposed to full-blown capitalism. International brands flooded the Russian market in the late 80’s and 90’s, right around the time Russian millennials were born. While they never experienced the deprivations of the Soviet era themselves, Russian millennials are nevertheless influenced by an older generation that is very keen to consume after years of empty shelves. As a result, the Russian millennials are quite a unique species compared to their global peers, and brands need to keep their history in mind.
14 April 2017
Like millions of other people around the world, we couldn’t help but notice the recent scandal around United Airlines. This week a video of a passenger being forcibly removed from one of the company's planes went viral, damaging United’s reputation and crashing its share price. Natalia Koroleva, Corporate Communications Director at PBN H+K, commented to influential Russian industry website about where United went wrong during and after the scandal and shared some tips on how to act during a crisis.
30 December 2016
PBN H+K is happy to announce the last edition of our Policy Matters series for 2016. As we celebrate our 25th anniversary on the Russian market, we have placed a particular focus on policy analysis for businesses. The December issue is devoted to regulation of the internet in Russia, examining the results of legislative activity in 2016 and looking ahead to changes expected in 2017.
14 October 2016
After the election of a new State Duma last month and a string of high level personnel changes within the Russian elite, PBN H+K Moscow has identified several trends that we believe will define Russia’s development in the coming years.
18 August 2016
One month before the State Duma elections on 18 September 2016, PBN H+K’s GR & PA team looks back at the Duma’s impact on business in 2011-2016 and ahead to the next Convocation. 
4 August 2016
This, 25th year on the Russian market, PBN H+K Strategies places a particular focus on Policy Matters series of analytical briefing papers. In this issue we speak about the importance of systematic approach when localizing medicines manufacturing in Russia and when identifying benefits and upsides this process is supposed to bring international investors and local players.  
Point of View, Millward Brown, 23 June 2016
Our WPP sister company Millward Brown highlights the key drivers of long-term brand value growth and explains why investing in your brand is so important.
15 April 2016
The St Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) is the largest international business gathering in Russia.  It’s an opportunity for companies to get their investment issues on the government agenda and to reinforce their interest in the Russian market. 
11 March 2016
The way users are interfacing with and consuming information from online media is changing at the speed of light. New devices and the growing number of apps is reshaping how we communicate with consumers and forcing us to keep breast of new platforms. What remains consistent in this dynamic digital world is consumer demand for compelling content.
1 March 2016
During the 25 years our agency has been doing business in Russia, we’ve seen how the world of media has changed and evolved. In this piece we explore what’s changing and what to do about it. 
16 February 2016
We look closer at the business impact of Russia’s recently introduced policy on Waste Management – Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR).
1 February 2016
We pick five of "the next big things” that could help brands truly engage with their audiences this year.
27 January 2016

We continue our series of articles on reform in Ukraine, today focusing on what 2016 could bring.

22 January 2016
Following a tumultuous two years of civil upheavals, military fighting and lost territory, Ukrainians brought in the New Year with relief that fighting in its eastern regions has been localized and reforms are beginning to take hold. In this first article of a two-part series on Ukrainian reform, we look at the major achievements in 2015.
8 December 2015
Meduza’s publisher Ilya Krasilshchik shared his experience and insight on the future of content creation, distribution and consumption with PBN H+K’s traditional and online media relations teams.
25 November 2015
Once upon a time, press releases were typed up on a typewriter then mailed, hand-delivered or faxed to journalists. Technology has changed that. Now press releases are being replaced by shorter, punchier news hooks and leads, which are delivered directly to journalists through Facebook or WhatsApp.
24 October 2015
Last week Moscow hosted a gathering of BRICS industry officials. In addition to developing a short-term action plan, meeting participants discussed industrial cooperation between BRICS countries and the various ways and means of implementing key joint projects that should boost economic growth within the group.
24 June 2015
The annual St Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) is Russia’s top gathering for investors and a chance for them to meet top-level government officials. Anton Gubnitsyn, PBN Hill+Knowlton Strategies’ Vice President for Government and Public Affairs, shares his impressions from this year’s forum.
Originally published in PR Week, 15 April 2015
Oksana Monastyrska, PBN H+K Strategies' Ukraine Managing Director, discusses the country's changing political and PR landscape in PRWeek's April 2015 edition under the heading "Postcard from Ukraine." Top business executives and government officials are beginning to learn the value and power of public opinion, Oksana writes.  This reinforces demand for reputation management services … and advocacy campaigns are becoming increasingly popular.
11 March 2015
PBN H+K Moscow continues to work closely with Brand South Africa and the South African Embassy in Russia as part of a long-term professional relationship that stretches back to 2011. This month we have been providing communications support around the repatriation of two prominent anti-apartheid activists who died in Russia almost 40 years ago.  Tai Adelaja, a senior account manager in our Moscow corporate communications team and member of the Russia-RSA Business Council, reports on the story.